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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Embracing Realty?

A much easier question than “Can aggression be based in love?” is “Can aggression be based in hate?”  The answer to the latter question is obvious.  Aggression frequently derives from hate.  But aggression can also derive from love.  When we think of a family situation, certainly aggression can arise from the protective or provider efforts both readily sourced in love.  Typically when aggression is based in love, the imagination freely images the desired results.  We can visualize, for example, our family deriving benefits from us being a good provider.  On the other hand, aggression based in hate typically cloaks the final effects of hate in abstractions.  For example, in contributing to feed the hungry, we can readily imagine a youngster enjoying a meal as a result of our contribution. In fact, we might dwell on such images.  On the other hand, when we bomb a city in war, we had rather not picture the results of this action in our imagination.  We may in this case expand our consciousness to take in visuals of destroyed buildings, but generally seal it against visuals of dead or dismembered children.  We can conclude that hatred is best fueled by stereotypes and abstractions, not reality.  Love is best fueled by reality.  Love encourages an active imagination and makes the facts concrete to our minds; hate cloaks the imagination and seeks to cover facts with abstract veneers of unreality.  Therefore hate can be seen to be sourced in selfishness while love is sourced in selflessness.  Selfishness and hate typically seek out and embrace carefully crafted unreality while selflessness and love typically seek out and embrace reality.

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