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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Required License Key

On purchasing software licenses the practice frequently is for the software company to provide the purchaser with a license key that must be entered before the software is usable.  This represents for me a similar situation in which we are provided the key for successful human behavior.  Great potentials for optimum behavior exist, but without this key to understanding behavior is erratic and misdirected.  Optimum behavior is indicated by creative goodwill that resolves obstructions and distractions active within the human heart.  Inasmuch as the key to optimum living has been revealed to us, it is especially sad when it is disused and rejected. The answer to a wide array of individual and social difficulties can be best arrived at by application of this key to life—the disciplines of love demonstrated for us in Christ Jesus.  It is up to us to use the key laid out plainly before us.

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