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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wanting Laughter

Today a friend called me up and said he wasn’t sure how he felt, but it wasn’t good.  I invited him over and we worked in Photoshop Elements on some photos he took the previous evening at a concert.  Then we watched a raucous comedy, Billy Madison.  I was trying to help him feel better, even to feel happy.  He laughed a lot during the movie, and I think he went home later in the evening feeling better.

The Bible tells us that Jesus once wept.  I often wonder how it would have affected Christendom if there were also scripture that said Jesus often laughed.  Can the joy that is a byproduct of spiritual fullness be devoid of abundant laughter?  Is it possible that the twelve apostles and Jesus formed a group of joyful somber heavies?  Somehow it just doesn’t seem plausible.  Nevertheless, the inspired scripture of the Gospel never shows us a single glimpse of Jesus having a hearty laugh or telling a funny story.  Sometimes I think some of the good parts were left out.  Nothing could be truer than that serious business is sometimes validated and enhanced by a good sense of humor.  It is quite simply one aspect of grace under pressure.

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