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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lack of Prayer as a Symptom

Who would I like to pray for today?  If I can think of no one and feel no drive to pray for anyone, that is an indication of total self-contentment and satisfaction.  The self has completely circumscribed itself from anyone else’s challenges, sorrow, pain, or even victories.  There is no one sick, unemployed, facing natural disasters, facing hunger, facing trials, facing temptation; no one needing wisdom, guidance, encouragement; no one deserving of my thoughts and prayers; everyone is assumed to be living on easy street materially, physically, mentally, and spiritually; all that I know personally and through the news, or through simply appreciating the cycle of life and death, all I find totally beyond the tug of empathy or compassion.  Such a lack of prayerfulness is an indication of a loss of touch with reality and an ingrained selfishness tantamount to a frozen Neverland fantasy.  When I reach such a catatonic state, I should pray if for nothing else, for personal warmth and healing.

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