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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Devising an Exit Strategy

I’m assuming a false positive until I hear otherwise.  And I will hear again this month.  Last Wednesday I went to my doctor for a routine checkup.  As usual, the visit was preceded by blood and urine tests.  In my visit, the doctor said that the tests revealed indications of a chemical that can signal the presence of bone marrow cancer.  He referred me to a hematologist for a bone marrow biopsy.  My appointment with that doctor is the 11th.  There will be an initial consultation appointment followed by an appointment for the procedure.  Needless to say, after having gone to my doctor expecting a routine checkup, the visit turned out to be anything but.  I have to admit on my way home from his office, the world suddenly took on a new cast.  I was thinking, what if I should leave all this soon?  I began to devise an exit strategy.  First on the agenda is attitude.  I decided that even if it proves that I am facing an imminent and painful death, I will die with God’s help with a good attitude. 

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