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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Afterthoughts Following an Aids Benefit

Being one who has not had an entirely serene past sexually, I am inclined not to have a heart of stone upon greeting same sex couples.  I know same sex couples who are faithful and committed to one another and have been over many years.  I know a couple that rejoiced upon observing that a maturing youth they cared about proved to be heterosexual.  I believe that the homosexual lifestyle will always constitute a minority, but may always exist.  I do not believe that it is genetic, for clearly sex is fixed at conception.  Yet, there is mystery.  There are ingrained behavioral experiences or the lack thereof that contribute to same sex preference at one time or another during maturation or perhaps more enduringly during adulthood.  We do not clearly understand causes, but most everyone shares personal knowledge of the exigencies of the sexual drive and its peculiar characteristic which demands privacy yet sharing.  In other words, sexuality needs are being met in the best way known to the persons involved.  In this matter it is difficult to fault people for not seeing what they cannot see or not doing what they cannot do.  To be regally judgmental of same sex couples is to lack introspection regarding one’s own history of powerful personal drives and to lack due humility before great unknowns.  

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