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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Major Advantage of Inexperience

Software can be upgraded many times.  But occasionally the new version of a program is radically different from older versions.  This can mean that old files will not be fully compatible with the new version as many features are added.  For a time, the new version challenges old users with bitter sweet choices.  In a way completely new users are to be envied.  They can enjoy all the benefits of the new software without having ties to the old—a new generation of users eagerly accepting a new generation of software.  This is as we have seen occurring today in revolutionary places; the young fresh on the scene have no investment in the old and great incentives to embrace the new (presenting to them all positives and no negatives).  Being older myself I am reluctant to admit that sometimes progress for the group is best left in the hands of the inexperienced who share no hint of phantom pain.

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