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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Externalities of God

J.B. Phillips wrote a book entitled Your God Is Too Small.  It seems that some of my ideas about the mystery of human perception itself could suggest that God is unnecessary.  If we just knew enough about the human brain and the constitution of perception then the need for God would be eliminated or explained away.  The more we learn in the future, the less God is needed to explain it all.  I have no fear that this is the case.  Just as I have no fear that belief in life eternal will be explained away, I have no fear that God will prove to be just a mere construct of the human mind.

The reason for this belief is my conviction that there is a nonmaterial spiritual world forever beyond the probing’s of the human mind.  While impinging upon the mind, it is quite apart from it.  It is in a dimension of creation never to be fully understood by any investigation of the material world.  It is analogous too yet not the same as truth and justice. Though the terms are abstractions and open to endless debate, most have a deep sense in which they are realities which are fully capable of standing on their own.  For example most will subscribe to the assertion that “truth (or justice) is what is so regardless of what we may say about it.”  It has a reality quite outside human perception, opinions, or belief.  Love also fits in this category.  Love has a meaning that can be corrupted by human beings. But love itself is forever beyond sullying by the basest of human lusts, or indeed, any machinations of the physical world itself.  If the universe and all its constituents were to end tomorrow; truth, justice, and love would live on without them.  They are not the product of the physical world but can be reflected in it.  God is from the beginning—beyond the universe itself.  The spiritual world and all its creations flow from the hand of God.  Like God, the spiritual world is outside and beyond any material thing—not subject to any method of laboratory proof.  Yet the human mind can readily assent to the existence of God and the spiritual realm “regardless of what we may say about them."

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