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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hidden Properties

Using Photoshop has revealed to me that photo files contain much more information than just the picture.  The files also contain detail information regarding date taken and a long list of camera information including make and model, speed and aperture settings.  I have a phone at work that I have used for over twenty years.  When I moved from Bayfront Center to Leisure Services, it moved with me.  I often think of that phone as having hidden properties filled with dates and times and people and circumstances.  I remember the afternoon I received a call from a long-time friend telling me he had good news and to stop by and see him that afternoon.  I was the last person he talked to.  After hanging up he committed suicide after having murdered two stepchildren.  I have been several times to his grave site in Bushnell, once with his son and brother.  I also remember calls from my extended family members—then children, now adults with children of their own. Life has a way of being kind, then not so kind.  Buildings are that way too.  They have lots of hidden properties.  My home was built in 1925 and has had several owners.  I like to think that there are people with a special place in their heart for the place where I live—where once they grew up in a dwelling filled with love, incidents, and action.  And, of course, people have many hidden properties too carried in heart and mind and soul.  Everyone is due a certain reverence in part because of their hidden properties.  Fortunately, no program can lay bare a heart, mind, or soul.  This is holy ground shared only by God and the invited.  

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