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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wizard at Work

Today I was a computer whiz.  My work was on a computer that both my co-workers had attempted to fix and failed.  A computer at Azalea Adult Center was not opening up Oracle—the accounting software for the City.  We had tired multiple things to fix the problem without success both at the center itself and all of us remotely from the office.  From the office, Ryan remoted in and tried to fix the problem but was unsuccessful.  Mark had worked on the problem extensively several days ago without success.  I recognized that it would be quite a feather in my cap if I were to be the one to solve the issue.  I tried to remote into the computer using PCAnywhere but for some reason had difficulty.  I quickly switched to Altiris Deployment—another way that we can remote into a computer.  I began working on the problem and lo and behold the computer started opening up Oracle.  I attributed the solution to the most recent thing I tired—turning off pop-up blockers in the browser.  Naturally, I immediately told Mark and Ryan about my success (being gracious enough not to mention that they had overlooked the obvious).  They looked at me with some wonder, and I perceived maybe even a little envy.  After celebrating for a bit, it came to our attention that I had mistakenly remoted into a computer I had worked on in the morning at Frank Pierce Center. I had “fixed” the wrong computer—a computer that had always opened Oracle.  My stunning discovery turned into a dud.  Being a computer genius has its drawbacks, especially if it glitters with the illusory brilliance of fool’s gold.

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