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Monday, January 3, 2011

Challenges Met

Today a software installation did not go successfully.  Yet I am confident that eventually it will do so.  Mark, the head of our IT Department, simply will not give up on a solution.  He will patiently confront the problem until it is resolved.  I feel the same way about situations generally when they seem to run into intractable problems.  What is required to overcome them?—the same as required to overcome problems in our department—realism, patience, confidence, determination, and skill in problem solving.  Too often we presume that knowledge means we already have the answers, when in fact the keynote of knowledge is that it presents an opportunity on which to build on old insights to solve for freshly presented unknowns. Whether in scholarly pursuits or national politics, controversy is frequently the companion of research in all areas.  It simply means that different solutions (choices) are presented.  We should not be surprised or discouraged by it.  Controversy is our friend.  In any situation seriously grappling with new realities, controversy is a vital sign of health.  Sometimes (like in our IT Department) choices can make for sweaty palms as possible actions are contemplated to rescue a dicey situation.  Yet, lack of action (complacency) is not an option.  We must move forward.  “Cool heads” are not “Vacuous heads.”  “Cool heads” accept reality and make discovery possible; “Vacuous heads” unrealistically deny that importunities exist.

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