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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Law of Focus Strikes Again

Tuesday I gave Mark and Ryan cans of Bumble Bee tuna for helping me with desktop duties.  With their help we were able in a matter of hours to remove old computers and install new ones at the Sunshine Center computer lab.  Doing this alone would have taken several days. I was especially thankful to Ryan for volunteering to do wire management (organizing and tying together multiple wires beneath desks).  As is often the case when a task with multiple dimensions is performed, we focused on some things but not on others.  Later in the day we received word that the internet was not working.  On return to the lab, our initial efforts to get the connection working were not successful.  We will all meet there first thing Wednesday morning to resolve the issue.  The installation Tuesday brings me to the conclusion that there is surely a law of focus—concentration on some things inevitably brings about the neglect of others.  Time and again I have seen this law at work often leaving what would appear to be “obvious” elements unattended.  It is striking that this law operates under individual as well as team conditions.  A team, like an individual, applying focus to some things excludes attention to other things.

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