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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Press as an Institution of Society

The institutions of society are the family, the church, government, and the creative sector.  The more I see happen in the world, like this week’s unrest in Egypt, the more I think that a part of the private sector—the free press—deserves to be recognized as a separate institution.  It is centrally important to a society and its health; it is a good barometer of the society’s health and inner strength.  The free press is not a luxury; it is not expendable.  The free press, like the family, the church, government, and the creative sector has an inherent sanctity and legitimacy all its own.  A stifling of the press (really what now can be understood in a larger sense as free communication) by one or more of the other institutions indicates that contrivance rather than natural law is the underlying source of authority—the institutions have been commandeered by the unrighteous.  Such contrivances lack fundamental legitimacy and hence will not thrive or endure.

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