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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Unfathomable Costs of Fantasy

I look upon the book of Revelations as in the genre of mysticism.  It hints at knowledge that is beyond human comprehension.  It is my belief that mysticism is an option for all.  All of us can hint at truths we in fact do not understand—as in the recitation and interpretation of dreams.  But we are called upon in daylight hours to be realists—to shun mysticism and the status of preternatural insights.  The daylight hours while capable of creativity and awesome talent are contained within the practical.  The soul of creativity is adaptation to and exploitation of the practical and possible.  Fantasy and imagination must in the end pass the test of realism.  We often don’t like this.  We wish to rebel and live out our fantasies—we wish to be children all our lives and have a parent stand-in ready to pay all costs and save us from excess.  We wish to fly from responsibility and not pay the price.  Often we hear of the need to escape from reality while in actuality the larger need is to escape from our far-fetched fantasies.  Fantasy indulgence has truly awesome personal and societal costs.

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