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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today at Moody

Today I listened to Moody Bible Institute as it streamed messages delivered at various conferences over the years. (Moody streams these archived messages from a site called Proclaim.  I get them over an internet radio.)  There were three messages by Vance Havner: (On This Rock I Stand (1967), Prickly Problems of this Existence (1977), and Sanctified Extravagance (1980).  There was one message by Winfred Neely: Is there a word of the Lord for the depressed among the redeemed (2006)?  Vance Havner is a delight for he is unapologetically skeptical whether much touted modern progress represents any progress whatever in the fallen state of human nature.  His sermons are sure to get under the hide of those who celebrate modernity as the portal to man’s salvation. Winfred Neely’s message dealt with depression brought on by events.  He used Elijah’s story in 1 Kings 19 to lay the basis for practical steps to overcome depression.  Sometimes ministers stop preaching and go to meddling (when they get too close to one’s own weaknesses).  He got to meddling with me when he said that we need to let go of any “personal savior-complex, and remember that you are a valued, but expendable link in God’s chain of purpose.”  Too often I have felt deep down that I am an indispensable link—this being clearly a symptom of grandiosity.

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