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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Male Preference?

Perhaps it is not for us to reason why God chose only men to be apostles.  But nevertheless I do.  What about the male makes him more qualified?  What sex-linked characteristics obtain?  Intelligence--no; courage--no; fluency--no; leadership--no; discipline--no; honesty--no; spiritually--no; handling of power and authority--no; drive--no; morale, esprit de corps--no; it must somehow be something to do with plumage--but what?--muscles and physical stamina (but most people of the cloth I know aren't outstanding athletes and their physical exertion demands are limited).  I know it's tempting to say this is just one of those mysteries that will be answered only when we get to heaven.  But nevertheless I keep asking, what is it about my sex that's so special?  I come down to child rearing, for some reason it is usually preferable to have a father in the home--even if he is gross in many respects.  But just exactly why that is, I don't know.  When I try to identify why, nothing holds.  Take for example discipline, some women are much better at that then men.  Maybe music is the better analogy--the Master Chorale, somehow it just sounds better with male and female voices.  But this to me is not satisfying and makes little sense.  Help me out here.....