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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Regular Party Animal

Party: “a social gathering for fun:   a social gathering to which people are invited in order to enjoy themselves and often celebrate something” (Encarta Dictionary).

I have a friend that describes a very serious meeting (say someone is called on the carpet in order to receive a reprimand) as “holding church.”   This is completely foreign to my idea of church.  Church to me is where people go “in order to enjoy themselves and often celebrate something.”  This is done in word and song and celebrates God’s constant love as revealed by Christ.  Church does not ignore reprehensible aspects of human nature, but it is purely an invite for overcoming and victory.  We celebrate forgiveness and renewal.  Sunday school is the same.  It is highly social in character and celebrates the lives of all in attendance (frequently with refreshments and birthday celebrations).  The class has lessons, but these are positive and seek to empower and to cultivate the art of living—which is a call for joy and celebration.  Church and Sunday school are for me social gatherings for fun and celebration and are by definition a party. 

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