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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heaven Is in the Details

Today I was researching Event IDs on Google.  These Event IDs came from an event log in the Windows operating system.  It always impresses me what goes on in the background while a computer is running.  To me, just the sheer number is awesome; and to think that each detail is following strict protocols and rules.  It got me to thinking of a human brain, and how while I am enjoying an ice cream cone, millions of details following strict rules of physics and chemistry are in progress.  Me, I tend to dislikes lots of rules.  Sometimes I call it red tape and find myself in not so quiet rebellion.  But I had best get used to the idea that without very strict and exact behaviors of things, I would not be able to enjoy an ice cream cone, much less type right now.  So, loving God I pray teach me patience with little things that require great detail and precise exactitude—and even, and this is the hard part, make me as grateful for the detail required as for the output enjoyed. 

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