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Monday, July 19, 2010

We Shall Overcome….. Frequently

The value of wit is inestimable.  I have a co-worker (supervisor) that has a ready wit.  He is firmly committed to happiness and victory, and personally will not accept gloom or defeat no matter what challenges are presented.   He is wry in that he makes consummate use of irony.  He is droll in that he constantly sees the mundane in fresh ways.  Laughter flows intermittently throughout the day bringing to mind the quiet tranquility of a bubbling brook, lifting the spirit.  I am thankful that in this vast universe, I am blessed to be here witnessing this indomitable aspect of human nature.   Where there is laughter, where there is strength, where there is skill, where there is character, hope and confidence abound and the challenges of the dark and difficult are overcome with a light and deft finesse. 

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