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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overcoming Pretense

Sometimes I think people keep too many secrets.  They know it when their self-imposed silences impress even themselves as being a form of deceit.  The master of deceit is the devil, and he creates all manner of guilt and self-intimidation from these morally indefensible silences.  Most secrets people want to deep six have an exaggerated power over them.  The basic problem is that they don’t trust others.  They feel if they should tell the truth, they would find themselves shunned and alone.  This very seldom happens, at least among friends (and not just intimate friends).  Most people with any experience know that life does not follow storybook perfection.  Occasional failures, character weaknesses, foolishness and fears (often unjustified) are common to all.  In most every case, people respect individuals more for telling the simple truth.  And when they tell the truth, the devil and his deceit no longer have power over them.  In addition, they are honored by their friends for candor.  Of course, I don’t mean that one should be proud of a checkered past, and tout it as an exhibitionist—endlessly trumpeting their glowing sins (besides, if they trumpet them, then they do not qualify as the secrets I am referring to).  But there comes a time when people quietly are prompted from their innermost soul to confide (and they know when this moment comes).  Then they should confide and be free, sending the devil (instead of themselves) running to hide.

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