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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Brother, Bob

This is my brother, Bob.  He is mayor of Orange Park, FL, and is a handyman relating to all matters, including hearts and minds.  I am proud of him.  He thinks hard work is fun.  I try to tell him it's not, but he's an older brother so hard to discipline--with his wife Linda, he's painted my house inside and out, installed appliances and shelving, installed an automatic garage door, and did other grueling work, laughing and singing the whole time.  This craziness has afflicted him all his life and is not restricted by race or creed.  He does a lot of church work, and as a seminary student in Atlanta during the sixties, he personally met Martin Luther King's father, and interviewed Martin at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  He said his father reminded him of our father (also a minister) who taught Bob & me simply to do our best.  Senior citizens now, Bob and I are counting our blessings daily and wish to show our gratitude to God for the privilege of life.

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