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Monday, July 12, 2010

Complex Vacations

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Amy is going on a vacation to Europe—to Britain, Germany, France, and Italy.  Many detailed arrangements must be made: plane reservations, lodging, meals, sites to visit, subway & bus systems, deciding on what to pack, and what not to pack.  It’s exciting to visit foreign places, but much of the excitement for me has an undercurrent of anxiety at its base—the mere complexity, and the extent to which success depends on fate or luck.  Much that will happen on the trip is up for grabs; the unknowns and the unknowable abound within what will be strange environments.     To really enjoy such traveling, you have to be a risk taker and have a huge amount confidence.  You also have to be an optimist with the firm expectation that—no matter what, the trip will be fun.  On return, you will be happy that you went.  The adventurous traveler discounts dark foreboding and chooses the bright sunlight of discovery.

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