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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Foundational Layer of Peace

Today, what natural and spiritual barriers to unity exist between isolated believers? What dangers are there for lone-wolf Christians? What would you do to break this isolation and bring people together? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 265).

I would like to address the last aspect of this question: What would you do to break... isolation and bring people together? One of the most significant and troublesome forms of isolation derives from organizational separation. Look at the United States. There are no military campaigns underway between the states. For example, there are no military conflicts between Florida and Georgia. This is primarily due to organizational unity based upon a sense that everyone has a significant stake in the game and that due process allows for input that can be accepted as tolerantly valid if not unassailably fair.  That is, a coherent organization need not be pristinely perfect, but needs to be minimally inclusive so that members can feel acceptance  even under adverse decisions.  Favorable social outcomes characterized by comity and cohesion always depend upon recognition of an individual's right of worthiness and basic human acceptance--an uncompromising entitlement forming the foundational layer for organizational longevity, stability,  and integrity. 

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