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Friday, March 13, 2015

Master Mentors

What experience have you had with being tutored, or with tutoring others? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1531).

I would like to extend this question a bit from tutoring to mentoring. I have had two very important mentors in my life that have had significant impact upon me. Of course the first was my father, Edgar Thomas Standifer. The influence of this man upon my life is simply incalculable. He did not command respect, he elicited it. I've never met anyone more attuned to the Spirit and more efficiently organized as to be a humble servant of Christ.  He walked the walk first, and the talk came later, if at all.  The other man I must mention is Mark Stroemich.  He was much younger than me, and was my boss in the computer department of Parks and Recreation, City of St. Petersburg.  All the time I worked there he manifested the outstanding trait of a strong and impervious self-concept blended with stellar humility.  While no one to toy with; his compassion was boundless, his patience exemplary, and his excellent service came without measure or complaint--and with not a little humor.  Needless to say I am grateful to have had these mentors in my life.

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