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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shunning: Alive and Well in the Land of the Free

Shunning When Exercised as Mental Rejection:

Mental rejection is a more individual action, where a person subconsciously or willfully ignores an idea, or a set of information related to a particular viewpoint. Some groups are made up of people who shun the same ideas. (

A dark cloud of shunning malignantly penetrates every aspect of American public life. Its spirit is one of self-righteous disdain and active ill-will set out to control and punish--to exercise flagrant and malicious power with deliberate intent even against those earnestly seeking to contribute their positive best to public discourse.  This malignant darkness penetrates the airwaves as well as private meeting rooms.  The time is well past due to reassess if we genuinely are committed to civil public discourse and enlightened charity in the land of the free.

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