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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Personal Note

Yesterday I decided to establish entree into a local retirement community--Westminster Suncoast.  My intent is to keep my house for a good long time, but have a place to stay as a second base of operations.  I signed up for a one-bedroom villa opening upon an expansive garden ensconcing a fountain.  While near Tampa Bay, it is at a higher elevation than my home location so also represents a place I could stay up to a category 4 hurricane (the location is flood zone "D").  Once all financial qualifications have been met (and I did squeak through), Westminster pledges to  provide a place in its facilities for you even if you deplete your resources.   Hopefully, such would only occur after I move from independent living to assisted living or beyond.

How I got to this decision included several key spirit-led signs.  Several weeks ago I was on the road outside my house.  A man pristine and striking in appearance was walking down the road.  He said he had planned to see my neighbor but she was not home.  He sold insurance.  After introductions we went inside my house and I purchased a very inexpensive and limited catastrophic illness policy.  When Bob returned several weeks later with the drawn up documents, we discussed the much more complex and expensive assisted living insurance policies.  Bob did an immense service for me by getting me to come to grips with "it is what it is; just deal with it" perspective regarding my age and situation.  While I did not purchase the policy offered, he was instrumental in moving me forward.

Yesterday at the Westminster Suncoast office, Hector (the representative) and I were not on a rigid schedule.  Eventually we looked at an apartment that was uniquely customized in several key aspects, for example, having wooden floors and granite kitchen counter tops.   I immediately felt the same way that I did when making my previous two moves (many years ago), this "was the place" I was meant to be.  We went back to the office and after a delay (because someone was not immediately available to sign the paperwork), we went to a late lunch.  While waiting for the cashier, John from my church  (who I didn't know lived there) walked up.  John is 90 years old, tremendously positive and energetic.  He strongly encouraged that I choose this particular place for living arrangements. Ever since I have known him, I have always admired and  immensely respected John.  Call me a crazy, but I take meeting Bob weeks earlier "by chance" on a city street, the strong affirmative feeling that "this is the particular place that I should be" and the fortuitous and unplanned greeting from John--all I take as signs that I should move forward on this, especially in view of the precise dovetailing of financial resources with requirements.

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