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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Suspicious Characters

For what reasons might someone be suspicious of you and withhold their trust? How do you win over those who are suspicious of you? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 584-5).

This is a question that often involves context. For a given environment some of the following questions might be asked:

  • Is the person as knowledgeable and skilled as he wants us to believe--broadly speaking, is he who he purports to be?
  • When rightly seen and understood, does his past actions indicate that he is trustworthy--is he ethically grounded?
  • Does he embody volatility or steadiness; is he reliable and courageous or craven and irresponsible?
  • Does he undertake to relate the substance of the matter at hand.
  • Does he considered himself a god and everyone else his obedient subjects; or, conversely, is his self-concept so weak and fragile as to make him indecisive and totally reliant upon the favorable opinion of others?
  • Does he telegraph love, respect, and goodwill; or to the contrary does he engage in mendacity, meanness, and exploitation?
  • Does he adhere to conventionality and conformity at the expense of independence and creativity?
  • Does he expect as much or more from himself than he does from others?
  • Does he seek abundant life or pursue its reverse--fulfillment through addictions?

I will stop here, but it is clear that "winning over" others depends upon relating with unadorned authenticity a sense of safety that springs principally from plainly wrought humility.

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