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Monday, March 30, 2015

Don't Hide Your Weaknesses

How do you react to "wild, scary and beastly" forces within your world? Within your life? What reason does Daniel give you to trust that God "has the whole world in his hands"? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1221).

We have security at church and one on the security staff made a brief video describing the low points and high points of his life. The video was shown during yesterday's services. I spoke with Tony later that day.  I told him how much closer I felt to him after having seen the video, especially since during his narration  he revealed some of the tough times in his life – times contrasting greatly with the mythical "perfect American life". The phrases "rock bottom" and "the end of one's rope" come to mind. He told me immediately that the most frequently made comment to him by church goers that day was that they, like me, felt closer.  To us he profoundly stopped being the "security guy" and  became a person.

The lesson I think is very clear.  We share our weaknesses with family – with those that we can trust. It is extremely compelling when one shares their weaknesses matter-of-factly.  We deeply appreciate it when people drop their defenses and become disarmingly authentic. It opens the door for us, liberating us to become authentic as well.

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