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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You Don't Love Me

In the Beverly Hills Cop movie when apparently facing certain death at the hands of his arch enemy Victor Maitland, Axel Foley verbally challenges the proximate Maitland even at the moment Maitland's thugs are beating Axel up.  Maitland chillingly replies to Axel's verbal challenge: "Did you say something?"

I think this gets to the core of what someone means when they say "You don't love me."  They are saying "You won't be there for me...and more than that, you will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to me--you will actively exclude mental graphic imaging and thus prevent any emotive mirroring coincident with my suffering.

Therefore, it can be a matter of perception--as it certainly was not in the movie.  That is, for example, a youngster can feel that his Dad does not love him whereas his Dad is simply refusing to harmfully indulge his child--thus by love's discipline showing real love.  So even though we can readily identify mental indifference as the absence of love in theory, in practice the discernment of love's absence can be either egregiously obvious or remain a convoluted judgement call. 

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