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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Productive Happiness

How pervasive is the attitude, "Take life easy: eat, drink and be merry" in our society? How can this attitude affect your relationship with God (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1446).

Our society is composed of millions of people of all ages and inclinations. In the past year, I took courses at two universities and found most students committed to earnestly working on and completing assignments (for which opportunity they paid considerable sums). This morning before daylight  I went to Walmart. Shelf stocking specialists were busy throughout the building and were in a joyful mood accomplishing essential tasks. Joseph and I had a brief chat.  I have found people most happy when working to realize the accomplishment of purpose. Vacations are necessary and good for the soul, but extended periods of disengagement soon get old and people yearn for some type of productive activity.  In fact, forced disengagement through insufficient lack of employment opportunities is an indicator that the society is not meeting the aggregate demand for directed purpose – an essential requirement for human happiness and perhaps in some ways more serious than the dearth of income (it being a spiritual rather than physical matter).

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