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Friday, February 13, 2015

Training the Brain to Heel

Take a sample cross section of 100 average Christian soldiers in the Lord's army. Would you place yourself in the top 30? Why or why not? What strength's would you need to develop to be among your King's mighty warriors? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 582.)

The reptilian brain of domination cannot abide differences of opinion because they all could represent immediate physical threats. Jesus taught that we are to love our enemies. Similarly in the new order represented by the United States Constitution, freedom of thought and opinion is shielded against the ravages of reptilian brain force and domination. Thus with the Golden rule embedded within government and sanctioned by religion, there is a sense in which the present human brain is in some ways outpaced by its environment.

On my Christian journey, I have received valuable lessons in this regard. I know abiding friends who hold strikingly different opinions from me in politics or religion. But in all cases, because we like each other and genuinely respect each other, we indeed remain within a circle of cordial friendship and goodwill.  The reptilian brain hates this development and doesn't know how to handle it. In its view a difference of opinion is a major personal threat.  I need to constantly remind that part of my brain that I am living within a Golden rule environment underwritten by  a democratic government (with its secured rights) and sanctioned by my Heavenly Father.  The reptilian brain thus must be made to heel.  The more it learns to heel without staring me down, the more free I am to become a democrat and a Christian.

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