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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Good Lawyer

Have you experienced God as Judge or Avenger? How did this experience affect you? How do you square the pictures of God the loving parent with God the avenging judge?  (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1052).

On I have been watching episodes of the 1960's TV series Perry Mason.  One major reason I like the program is the delight I receive in seeing Perry Mason as the unfailing avenger for justice.  Typically the murderer is arrogant, sublimely self-righteous, and complacently confident that they have committed the perfect crime--going to some lengths to implicate the vulnerable and innocent to boot.  The more flagrantly bad the villain, the more I enjoy seeing them meet justice.

I think God as avenger--though perhaps less suave than the renown  Perry Mason--brings delight to many souls as well.  It's the simple pleasure of seeing justice triumph and evil defeated.  Surely we must deeply respect the power and abiding nature of this ever-present literary theme.

So I can appreciate John's satisfaction in Revelation of seeing at the end time evil defeated and good rewarded.  Even so, I do not look upon the Lord's return with righteous petulance--nyah nyah, na nyah nyahing our fallen world.   I think we should see opportunity in the present fallen state and work to redeem it preparing a more friendly welcome for our Lord's return.

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