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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Teetering on a Tightrope

Where you live, do you lock up at night? During the day? Your car, too? Is your property fenced in? Is that locked, too? What does that say about your need for, or lack of, security? (Serendipity Bible fourth edition, page 599).

You shall not steal. (Exodus 20:15 NIV)

We may presume that all Ten Commandments were given as the result of prior infractions.  That is, for example, theft existed long before the Ten Commandments were given.  In other words, theft is deeply ingrained in human nature and behavior.  (Indeed, there is no better source than the Bible to faithfully render human nature.) For some time now I have had a security system in my home.  Obviously, I have been storing up treasures not only in heaven. Nor is my human nature only manifested in my defense to thievery, search my heart and you will find thievery there as well.  I will admit a little here--I have known the cashier to overlook an item or two in my basket without my drawing attention to the error; when someone has done work for me, I have knowingly held back the full value of their labor; I have given way less to the church than the significant value it represents for me.  In short, I want a "good deal" even if that sometimes entails substantial thievery.  (In terms of taxes this sometimes means I resent them though inestimably blessed by the city, state, and nation in which I reside.)  I need the profound security that faithfulness to Ten Commandments honesty would establish.  It's just that sometimes I get to feeling poor, fear insecurity, and like a teetering man on a tightrope act in precisely the opposite way that I should. 

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