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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Moving On With or Without You

When has a decision to trust God meant burning your bridges behind you? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 509).

This invariably involves relationships in some way. To follow the will of God might mean jeopardizing a cherished relationship. This has recently been the case in my experience after a young friend of mine ran from the police. Speaking with him after his arrest, I asked him if I were riding down the road and saw a police car flashing its lights behind me signaling for me to pull over, what likely good could come out of my flooring the accelerator. Almost invariably something very bad would come out of my action. My friend had his legs bitten  in many places by a police dog.  The justice involving the entire circumstances of the arrest will be determined in court.  But after he bailed out of jail (in which funding I intentionally offered no assistance), I told him that I would not be seeing him for 30 days – a full month. Before this happened we had been seeing each other on a regular basis. But I felt the Lord's leading – whether anyone else in the world he knows considers it serious or not, I personally consider it a very serious matter to disobey the police and attention must be respectfully paid.  My action was taken regardless of whether or not this ended our relationship. (He called me today and we had a brief chat.  I am now confident and pleased to know that our friendship will survive.)

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