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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weird Stuff

What was the turning point for you in terms of hearing "God's voice" and responding? How do you discern his voice from all the voices that vie for your attention? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1507).

Sometimes I sense the urge to do what might be called humanitarian things. In these times it is difficult for me to say that these clearly are promptings from God.  The reason is because these are generally recognized "good things" to do.  I put them in the same category more or less as when I sense promptings from God to eat ice cream.  It may be promptings from God or it may be just a yearning to do or feel good.

Just the other day I awoke from a night's sleep totally persuaded that God had visited me during the night and told me specifically what I was to do.  Despite the fact that the idea regarding the required action had never entered my head in any way before that time, and coupled with the sense of betrayal I had when I tried to negotiate out of the directive, all together made it clear to me that this was a weighty directive that amounted to a test as to whether or not I would hear and obey the Lord's command.  I cannot tell you the exact way I heard the voice of God – whether it was in a dream, a vision, or a auditory summons. This is the thundering command I heard: "You are to secure a cage and a bird – very specifically a finch – and do so at once."  As I say, this idea had never even remotely occurred to me. I immediately thought of a dozen reasons why I did not want a pet of any kind – much less a finch which I had to look up on Google to see exactly what it looks like.  As I mentioned, I initially tried to negotiate out of this and played with the idea that this was not really a directive, but was a test of discernment as to whether or not I could filter out foolish ideas.  The answer was immediate and firm--this was nonnegotiable and I would have to deal with cavils--such as inconvenience or of problems arising from security motion detectors--as however I might.  Accordingly, I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a finch cage, a swinging wall hook, and an "S" hook.  These items are to arrive tomorrow, at which point I will duly purchase a finch (or two).  I have never in my life had a finch--but then commands of God are often weird--build an ark, speak to a rock, or sacrifice your son.

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