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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prerogative of Belief

After Paul had his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus, in what sense can we say he had the prerogative once again not to believe?  If someone is born again spiritually, in what sense can we say they have the prerogative to go back and view things as before--after their perception has been reset go about resetting and reversing it once again?  It is foolish in my opinion to suppose that this would be as easy as choosing hors d'oeuvre off a serving tray.

Similarly, if someone is a dyed in the wool Democrat in what sense is it their prerogative to forgo this disposition and suddenly decide to switch parties and become a Republican--or vice versa?

It is my opinion that beliefs of basic bearing are not facilely susceptible to change or fickle choice.  I doubt in many cases if choice is even an option--if there is any real and tangible prerogative for change.  A right to freedom of belief politically is a far cry from having it materially.

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