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Monday, May 26, 2014

Fast Fleeting Freedom

Sometimes we make permanent decisions when the situation is only temporary. 

This morning I discussed yesterday's blog with a friend of mine in federal custody due to a gun charge. He said that one of his counselors (in a drug treatment program) told him the following. She said "sometimes we make permanent decisions when the situation is only temporary." The phrase made an impression on my friend and he immediately committed it to memory. Certainly if we consider otherwise avoidable human tragedy, it most frequently falls within this category – people assume the decision like the situation is temporary; but unfortunately the decision in fact proves severely obdurate. Temporary situations seem to imply or suggest freedom and flexibility, and when we yield with an abetting blithe spirit we can make flippant and inconsiderate decisions carrying unintended long-term consequences.  (The fatal "joy ride" for example.)  Such faulty reasoning contributes to the general gullibility of mankind and can be traced back to the Garden of Eden.  Certainly "the right to bear arms" suggests some ultimate--even giddy--promise of absolute freedom in theory, but too often delivers the ultimate tragic and irrevocable fait accompli--especially when incited by fear within a transient paranoid moment.

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