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Monday, May 12, 2014

Blessed Assurance

On a scale of 1 (none) to 10 (completely) how confident are you that you will live eternally?  What evidence is there supporting your level of confidence?  How would you live your life differently if you were more confident?  (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1510).

One time as a nonbeliever in eternal life, I asked my mother what was the firmness of her belief.   Here response was immediate, absolute, and totally sincere.  She said "Oh yes, I do!  I know it is real!!"  As a skeptic, I could not help but admire and even envy her confident certitude.  Now by the grace of God I too am a believer--by blessed assurance: "On that very day you will be with me in Paradise" (re: Luke 23:43).  This certitude of belief followed an experience I have written about here;

The Experience:

Lyrics:  Glen Frey - Part Of Me, Part Of You

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