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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dinner at 8

If you gave a dinner [party] in Jesus' honor, whom would you invite? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1511).

I qualified the above question with the phrase "dinner party" rather than "dinner" for I wish it to be a small gathering around the dining room table. If it were a huge affair, then there is no one that I would not invite.  In fact, I would wish to set up a televised arena event with call-in questions allowed from all over the world.  But here I like to envision something like the Last Supper – this time with our washing Jesus' feet.

With this in mind I would invite the following: my brother Bob; my sister-in-law Linda; my Sunday school teacher Mitch; the entire Good Shepherd class consisting of Brian, Dennis, Kunte, Carol, and DeAngelo; my longtime friend, Angelo; my pastor David; my prison support group leader, Joe.  This excludes several that I would like to invite but who are unavoidably unavailable at the moment.

No doubt during our supper Jesus will feel right at home being surrounded once again by a band of sincere sinners.  Now there just remain a few "very human" questions of protocol--like who gets to sit next to Jesus and how can we allay bad feelings?

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