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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Audacity of Jesus

It was customary in Jesus' day for people's dusty, sandaled feet to be washed, usually by the lowest ranking servant, before a meal was served. (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1513).

Audacious defined:

Intrepidly daring

1. Invulnerable to fear or intimidation
2. Unrestrained by convention or propriety
3. Disposed to venture or take risks
(WordWeb Pro)

Jesus' washing of his disciples feet conformed in style to His audacious career and ministry. 

An unavoidable challenge for Jesus was to reveal himself to the world as the Son of God during His brief ministry of three years.  This required that He be audacious and unafraid. In fact, the one word that best sums up His ministry of disciplined love and healing is audacity.   If we are to walk in his footsteps we need to exercise audaciousness as a key discipline.  Spontaneity is an inevitable sidekick of audacity.   To the extent that we are generally inhibited, cautious and calculating; we should reevaluate our mission and ministry.  Paul too provides inspiration and directive in the assiduous practice of audacity.

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