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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where Is Macro Political/Economic Creativity?

When we survey our lives today, it is fairly easy to identify areas of great achievement and creativity. Technology and many of the arts are replete with it. Businesses and local government come up with new ideas constantly. The primary area where creativity seems to be void is on the macro political/economic level. Here we find inhibition, conformity, and defensiveness.

I would love to hear a major national politician say “Now I’m going to brainstorm the issue of economic disparity and throw ideas out right and left. I know my opposition will delight in pulling one of these ideas out and swear that I advocate it. Let them go at it to their hearts content. I trust the American people (my boss, after all) to know the spirit in which I brainstorm and my purpose in doing it. I am going to loosen things up a bit and get some new ideas flowing. I wish to shower the place with ideas so that more knowledgeable persons than I can separate the wheat from the chaff. I want to change the image of a politician from one of a calculating and repressed automaton to one of a free spirit, positively generating fresh ideas and perspectives. For starters, I will wear a dress shirt and tie—but a monkey suite I will never wear.”

I think something this earth-shattering is what we need. Presently when venting is done it is always on occasions where the gloves (rather than blinders) come off and personal hatred and tired old animosities are substituted for creative thinking and new perspectives. Sometimes I really think the edifices of Washington serve to inhibit ideation and laid back discussions and relationships. We will never move on with insightful clarity while people cravenly walk on eggs or rant entirely predictable cant that hollowly echoes down marble corridors vapid and empty of fecund thought.

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