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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Problem with Self-Help Books

Self-Help books too often peddle a philosophy—even theology—that is disastrous for social groups. Many of them teach that we are to become self-centered and self-focused. They posit happiness as the defining goal—which when derived from righteousness is one thing, but quite another when meant as a type of reverse asceticism in which we essentially are directed to worship ourselves with blatant egocentrism embedded within a hard outer shell of parsimonious egotism. An affront to God almighty and a sure prescription for profound mental depression, it sets aside justice and mercy (social goals) for self-deification and self-absorption. The philosophy is essentially a total sham that ignores the pressing need for social justice and mercy in foundational human happiness and erects in its place neurotic tributes to randism’s and idiosyncratic greed.

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