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Monday, September 30, 2013

Washington--the Tormented Seat of Woodpecker Purgatory

Ever watch a woodpecker drilling away at a dead tree trunk? Well that’s what we have now going on in our nation’s capital. Congressmen are steady at it boring down on one another judging one another mercilessly with beady eyes and a pecking staccato style until the blood flows. Hell hath no torment like the strident, never-ending den of rabid criticism and squawking, judgmental arrogance. The sad thing is that humanity desperately needs woodpecker behavior as exemplified by the steady pecking into problems with objective incisiveness. No doubt the cure of cancer will arrive accompanied by a cadre of selfless researches humbly baring the facts hidden from easy surface observation. The woodpecker phenomenon is an essential aspect of human behavior when it turns away from righteous excoriation into creative discovery. But in Washington human incisiveness has been perverted by shrill cries of personal vituperation.

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