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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pitching a Fit at a Susceptible Age

We have all seen the 2-year old pitch a fit to get his way. It is absolutely crucial that the parent intentionally make this fit a deliberate, high-profile issue seriously and somberly addressed and the outcome without any question won by the parent. The parent must dramatically “fly behemoth–like within the child’s radar.” The world for a moment should come to an utter stop. If there is any compromise, it must be in communicating that the parent loves the child despite the required and essential punishment. The preferred punishment will be a slap on the butt by the father. Only this method (rather than a time-out, for example) makes it clear who is in charge and applies sufficient pain to the child’s prideful ego to imprint on the brain the consequences of insubordination (in fact, making it clear that misbehavior is in fact insubordination). The parent must see this unpleasant occasion as so important that it will set the stage for years to come—as it truly will. Done properly, this will change the little gray cells in the child permanently.

In politics, we often see some voters eternally pitching fits no matter what governmental authorities try to do. Government cannot get anything right, not even if it asserted 2 + 2 = 4. In my book, what is truly missing in many instances is that the chronically unhappy adult when susceptible as a child missed having his little gray cells fashioned as described above. This destines him to a life of anger and resentment aroused by any authority and is permanently irresolvable even should Eldorado authoritatively descend with streets of gold into his living room.

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