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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Recommendation Based Upon Our Experience

Tonight I wish to say a few words to honor a company with which we do business. It is my hope that the company will deem at least some of my remarks worthy to place on their website.

The Leisure Services Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Saint Petersburg, FL maintains and sponsors many facilities and programs. An extremely important program involves free tutoring offered to children. The City has some 142 computers designated for educational use located throughout the city's spanning neighborhoods. An integral part of the system is proprietary software that enables widespread public computer use without inadvertent negative changes in essential computer performance. This protective software (“locking software”) allows the public to use computers without the possibility of a host of complex negative side-effects.

For approximately five years we have used SmartShield Software created by Centurion Technologies. The initial software set-up is straight-forward. The software provides the means for servicing and controlling computers remotely from our administration center. As computers now and then must be “unlocked” for routine software changes, it is important that this process be smooth and trouble-free. Occasionally we have needed technical support from Centurion. Many factors known all too well by IT departments can make this relationship problematic. Essentially it boils down to whether the tech support provider willing takes ownership of the issue of inquiry. Is tech support available and do they communicate and assist effectively? Based upon our experience with Centurion, this has never once been an issue. In light of our experience with SmartShield and Centurion Technologies' products and staff, we highly recommend them for any environment similar to ours.

Centurion Technologies:

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