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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To All Those in the Pizza Party

The “Little Poem” was given to me here:

For The “Little Joke” see:

The “Little Poem”
Out of synch
with the band
You aren't sent
down below ------
when you blow-it.
Clashing bashing
puts the player
in the

The “Little Poem” like the “Little Joke” are extremely significant and important for me personally. The “Little Joke” helped guide me through some difficult years and will continue to do so. However the “Little Poem” describes what will predominate during the second stage of my life. It presages a time of controversy (Clashing bashing) in which I personally will be involved. I'm “Out of synch with the band” (or counter-cultural in some ways). During this time I will not be silenced (“sent down below”). Rather I must be “[an earnest] player” whose heart is vitalized intellectually and emotionally to be highly motivated (in the Arrhymiattic). I don't know why God chose me (....for that matter, why did he choose you?). I only know that I will do my best to be pleasing to God and his Kingdom.


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