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Friday, May 24, 2013

With Angelic Grace

Saturday I will be traveling with Deangelo and Angelo to Chuluota (near Orlando, FL) to place flowers on Kathy's grave (my wife died last October). We will have a short ceremony including prayer, some remembrances, and the reading of the following poem which I wrote for the occasion.

With Angelic Grace 

Sweetness and Light”
(Like “Motherhood and Apple Pie”)
Was a phrase made fun of when I was in school
Everyone rolled their eyes in rejection
And disgust,
And felt themselves much superior to the humble and inferior.

But time can be unkind to hatred (however dressed)
Making it slip away into the mist,
With time eventually Kathy came into our lives
And bound us to belief in the power of affection
For me a wife, for several a mother, for all a friend
With kind words, thoughts, and deeds,
Kathy quietly reset reality
With angelic grace.

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