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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tick Tock

To all my friends. Cut to the chase. The wolves are at the door. No dress rehearsal necessary. The best way to know a person in my opinion is to look at their roots, current and past. Get to know their friends, acquaintances, family, extended family, and, yes, those who may give bad reports. Never forget that one’s worst enemy when faced with discernment can prove to be one's best friend.

Of course it helps to understand that friends who answer will speak candidly from the heart. Be not concerned whatever about craven cowardice or sullied interests.

Intimate friends have integrity made of carbonite steel. Proceed confidently into that good night.

One should not be afraid and never walk on eggs. Ask the hardest questions imaginable—those certain to destroy all hope if answered in abysmal ways. Recognize that all are in and will do the will of God.

Above all, have fun. We are in for quite a ride. It is a serious mistake to believe that God does not love laughter….and joyful tears.

PS:  The Twenty-four Thousand Dollar Question:  Demigod or Demagogue

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