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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Male Manifesto

It is my intention here to describe closeted secrets of male sexuality. It is my belief that it is Satan himself, the master of deceit, who has shackled mankind with falsehood, guilt and shame. Since sex is fundamental and powerful, the mischief this deceit inflicts upon human affairs is incalculable.

Man’s penis is a source of anxiety because its arousal is associated only with the act of having sex. This is a fundamental error. The penis is aroused not only by sex, but also by simple affection that is unassociated with having sex. Men can have affection for other men, children, pets, and women. The man is troubled and filled with anxiety and self-doubt that this is a sign that he is some sort of pervert. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a sign of affection pure and simple and does not imply that sex is indicated or desired. Such affection is from God.

Now we have in America a celebration of the gay life style. This is—as an honest man I talked with today described it—bull crap. In fact the gay relationship represents a fundamental failure to accept the responsibility of a mature commitment with the opposite sex. It is in this sense represents a personal tragedy and is deeply saddening. [This does not imply that homosexuals should be discriminated against—all of us can have our personal tragedies.]

I will now discuss two essential matters. There is a time that is more or less blameless when “little angels” play sexually in the woods. This occurs because males need reassurance that they are normal and like other males in this important aspect. It is aptly described as based on “curiosity” – though it is also driven by the sexual urge and can even be patterned in dreams.

The second thing to appreciate is that beyond this stage two males may feel the need to affirm a friendship or lend essential affirmation. This can involve sex. However, this is very much an exceptional occurrence and neither party feels the need or desire to continue it. It certainly has nothing to do with a long-term same-sex partnership that is induced by sexual irresponsibility.

[PS: I would like to thank those in my life that have freed me to write this Manifesto. They are all those people who have had love and affection for me all within an environment where blunt honesty is regularly practiced—this includes males and females. I would also like to thank the Trinity for bringing into my world angels and messengers.]

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