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Friday, May 17, 2013

Think Small

Some years ago Volkswagen had an ad that said “think small”. I’m inclined to this persuasion myself. For example, I tend to dislike large crowds much preferring smaller assemblies—as found at early church services and small group Sunday school classes. There is a saying something to the order that great thoughts come about in small rooms, even the bathroom. We as a nation are very fortunate to have the facility to bring public events into our living rooms. This has completely outflanked and made obsolete some of our customs—a principal one being political conventions. I can abide a gaggle of people if there is something to be decided – say an athletic event. But we have the spectacle of huge fortunes spent to congregate what is already decided and air positions that are already known. I long for a more intimate political season with much less (to put it bluntly) sham, gladhanding and backslapping—and, yes, baby kissing. Give me a convention in an auditorium the size of a rather modest church and with candidate adulation toned down from the over the top hype trumpeting yet another Second Coming. As Mark Twain said about another matter, I can hope for this next election season, but I rather doubt it (unless there be a sun fleet of miracles).

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